Who We Are


Dance Horizons is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging dancers to develop their talents and to get involved in the dance community. We provide opportunities to develop technical, performance, and leadership skills in a casual environment that is open to dancers of all skill levels and styles. Our classes range from hip-hop to ballet and are taught by reputable instructors at competitively affordable prices.



Dance Horizons is also working to integrate their members into the student dance community in Vancouver and UBC. Each year we bring together many dance styles at UBC to create Dance Week. It aims to bring together dancers of all styles to foster the greater dance community at UBC. Dance Week gives you the chance to look at the vast array of styles the different dance groups at UBC can offer, and a great way to take a class in a style you’ve always wanted to try.

Some of our invitees include: UBC Ballet Club, UBC Bhangra Club, UBC Dance Club, UBC Dance Team, UBC Junoon, UBC K-Wave, UBC Latin Dance Club, Unlimited Dance Club