Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dance Horizons?

We are a studio-style dance club based in UBC. We run dance classes Monday to Friday, and all classes are all drop-in (no continuation in choreography between classes, with the exception of the month before the Mid-Year and Year-End Show).


What genres does Dance Horizons do?

We offer a wide range of styles: Hip hop, ballet, jazz, street jazz, contemporary, burlesque, and vogueing.


What is open drop-in?

Open drop-in is designed for you to practice your own choreography or practice choreography from any dance classes. It is a time booked for you to use the studio to do your own thing!


But I’ve never danced in my life! Are your classes hard??

We have classes for dancers of all skill levels! Our teachers are good with matching up to the pace of the class and are particularly good at helping out beginners. They don’t mind you stopping the class and asking questions, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.


I prefer dancing on a team to taking drop-in classes. Do you have something like that?

We have DHC and DHCo! DHC is our hip hop crew and DHCo is our contemporary company. We don’t hold auditions for our teams – all we ask for is commitment and a willingness to learn. We hope to help our members to grow as dancers, and give the new dancers in our club the chance to experience what dancing on a team is like.


$30 seems really expensive for a membership fee!

It is a bit pricey, but we use it to hire our teachers! Each class is $10 for non-members, but $4 for members. You make up for the membership fee after 5 classes, with what you’re saving for each class.


How is DH and other on-campus dance clubs

We have our own niches! Unlimited focuses on street styles and technique, while we have a wider variation of styles and run choreography classes. Dance Club focuses on ballroom, Latin Dance Club focuses on the Latin styles, Ballet Club does ballet. Thunderbird Dance Team and UBC Dance Team are the two semi/pre-professional dance teams in school.


Can I try a class for a lower price before signing up for membership?

We have Free Week! It’s a whole week of free classes with us. You can try a class out to see how it feels before deciding if you’d like to join us. Keep up to date with our Facebook/weekly newsletter for more information.


Can I pay the member price for the class member after? I’ll pay the $6 difference if I decide not to.

No, we can only offer our membership rates to people who are already registered as members with DH.


Does DH offer classes over the summer?

Unfortunately we do not have classes over the summer. Harbour Dance Centre offers classes year-round!